Frequent Questions
Do you accept cash?
To minimize interaction, we do not accept cash. All tickets are presale only and concessions are available for purchase via credit card.

Can tickets be purchased at the venue?
Ticket transactions can only made through our website prior to the showing.

Can I exit my vehicle?
Milestone Movies encourages customers to remain in their vehicle when possible. Vehicle parking spaces will be visibly marked to promote social distancing.

How do I purchase concessions?
When you arrive, concessions may be purchased at our box office tent. Purchases during the film may be requested by texting your order to concessions and an employee will deliver your order to your vehicle. All concessions are card only, no cash sales will be accepted. See our online menu for available concessions.

Do you have bathrooms?
Yes. There are mobile bathrooms located on the property which will be maintained every thirty minutes.

How are you dealing with COVID-19?
All of our employees go through temperature and symptom checks when they arrive for work. Any employee who displays symptoms will be sent home. Employees are required to wear masks or face shields and gloves while interacting with customers.

What should I wear?
We recommend close toed shoes as we are in a field.  This will help when using the restroom.

What is the venue like?
Milestone Movies is currently located in a vacant field.  We do are best to keep the area mowed and filled but there will be slight dips and drops.  Please drive your vehicle slow
Can I suggest a film?
Yes. Suggestions can be submitted to

What happens if it rains?
We will reschedule the movie for a different day that week. Sunday is currently our flex day for rain. Please check our website for updates prior to your showing for any cancellations. In the event of rain cancellation, your ticket may be used for the rescheduled date. If you cannot make the rain date, please contact for a refund.

How large is your screen?
Milestone Movies currently uses a thirty foot by seventeen-foot inflatable screen.

What is your maximum vehicle capacity for a showing?
Currently we have a max capacity of sixty-eight vehicles.

Can we bring our own food?
Absolutely! Concessions will be available for purchase at the venue as well. Please check our menu for available concessions.

How early can I arrive?
Lineup will begin 45 minutes prior to the scheduled showing. Spaces will be first come first serve. Please note: larger vehicles may be required to park in back rows to ensure equal visibility to all customers.

Can we bring lawn chairs and sit outside our vehicle?
You must remain in your vehicle or directly in front of your vehicle. Feel free to bring lawn chairs, blankets and/or a portable radio. Socializing between vehicles is prohibited.

How late can I arrive?
To provide the best viewing experience for all guests our "doors" will close at fifteen minutes after the film begins.
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