Snacks & Drinks
Concessions will be made available for purchase at the Drive-In including your favorite sweets and treats.
With our emphasis on safety and social distancing, our concessions are available with 2 options:
OPTION 1: Before the film begins our staff will be walking the grounds with a verity of concessions for purchase.

Look for staff with large serving trays and wave them over to your vehicle.

All sales are final and may be paid via credit card or cash.  There is a minimum of $5 purchase for any credit card transaction
OPTION 2: During the film, your favorite concessions are still available through our social distance friendly delivery service.  To order, please follow the following procedures.

Step 1: Begin by browsing our  goodies to determine what you would like to enjoy during your movie.

Step 2: Text our snack line with your order, row, vehicle color and make. Some orders include choice of drink, please include this in your order. Our staff will confirm your total and let you know when it is on its way.

Step 3: Our staff will deliver your order to your vehicle and process payment. All payments will be via card or cash. There is a minimum of $5 transaction for credit cards

Step 4: Enjoy your snacks and movie!

Step 5: After the film, staff will collect garbage as you exit the theater.
Movie Popcorn Graphic